Weekly Update 6 – Postponed

Apologies but my post on Durham’s exposition of Revelation 3:20 is going to have to wait until this Saturday. Packing got in the way last Thursday night.

I’ll just post this piece of rich pastoral advice from Durham. I could have done with reading and applying this ten years ago.

“We are afraid that there is a fault among Christians, that [the] most plain and substantial truths are not so heeded, but some things [that] may further folk in their light, or tickle their affections, or answer a case, are almost only sought after. Which things (it is true) are good; but if the plain and substantial truths of the gospel were more studied, and made use of, they have in them that which would answer all cases. It is a sore matter when folks are more taken up with notions and speculations, than with these soul saving truths, as that Christ was born, that he was a true man, that he was, and is King, Priest, and Prophet of his church, etc, and that other things are heard with more greediness.”

Christ Crucified, p75

Don’t get me wrong, correct doctrine even on the “finer” points of theology is hugely important but I think the balance outlined by Durham above is helpful.

I had an enjoyable weekend away. A fine hillwalk on Saturday followed by edifying preaching on the Lord’s Day by Rev. Hugh Ferrier. I was particularly struck by the evening service on Jeremiah 14:8, “O the hope of Israel, the saviour thereof in time of trouble, why shouldest thou be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turneth aside to tarry for a night?”.  The sermons will eventually be posted on http://www.bible-sermons.org.uk/which contains a wealth of good material. (Incidentally, I see Mr Ferrier preached on Rev 3:20 the week before last – I will need to listen to that before I do my post on Saturday!)

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