The Gospel Message in 100 Words

Here is one of James Durham’s brief summaries of some cardinal gospel truths:

…the general truths contained in the gospel. As, that Adam was made according to God’s image; that he fell, and broke the covenant of works … that we are by that covenant under God’s curse; that Jesus Christ the Son of God, according to the covenant of redemption, entered himself cautioner for the elect; that he really died and paid their debt; that his purchase is made offer of in the gospel; and that according to the covenant of grace, there is a real absolution from sin, and an eternal happiness to be had at the great day through embracing of him.
Christ Crucifed, (rept. Dallas: Naphtali Press, 2001), 572

What is obvious from this quote is how integral covenant theology is to Durham’s conception of the gospel.  This sets up nicely the next three posts I’d like to do on the covenants of works, redemption and grace.

2 Responses to “The Gospel Message in 100 Words”

  1. Covenant Theology and the Gospel « Heidelblog Says:

    […] July 11, 2008 in Covenant, Justification, Pastoral Ministry | Tags: covenant theology, gospel, james durham | Here’s an excellent, brief summary in 100 words. […]

  2. puritanismtoday Says:

    Dear DJM,

    Thank you, I will put this on our own site.


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