Sedgwick on Preaching

Here is a beautiful quote by Obadiah Sedgwick on the true focus of preaching:

If believing in Jesus Christ be the only way of life, then Jesus Christ should be the main scope and mark of all our preaching and studying, I Cor, 2.2. I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ and him crucified. It was the main theme and subject upon which that blessed Apostle did spend himself… So whether Ministers preach the knowledge of sin, or whether they strive to make men sensible of sin, or whether they let fire the arrows of Gods threatenings upon the conscience of sinners, or whether they touch on the mercy Seat; all the end and scope is, or should be, to bring men to Christ, to make Christ more glorious in the eyes of sinners, and to incline their hearts to accept and embrace him.  Christ may be preached two ways.  Either Explicitly, when he is in his person, or offices, or benefits, is the only matter which is handled and published. Or Virtually, when he is the end of the matter that is delivered.

The Humbled Sinner Resolved (London: Printed by T. R. & E.M. for Adoniram Byfield at the Bible in Popes-head Alley, neere Lumbard Street) 1656 p67

There are some modes of expression in the book which I am not sure of but that quote is a gem.

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