Thomas Manton – More to Come Soon

If you want to see some of my thoughts on the value of Thomas Manton’s Works then they can be read here – thanks are due to Tony for being willing to discuss Manton with me!  I’ll post something on Thomas Manton’s understanding of the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart on Monday, D.V.

2 Responses to “Thomas Manton – More to Come Soon”

  1. Steven Carr Says:

    Good article on Manton. I have one question, though; just what is an actuary. Sounds like an interesting job.

  2. Donald John MacLean Says:

    Hi Steve

    Sorry about the late reply. Actuaries tend to work in either pensions, life insurance, general insurance (car, home, earthquake etc) or investments. I’ve worked mostly in developing life insurance, pension and investment products and their pricing as well as reserving, profit testing etc. Elements of actuarial work can be quite dull (e.g. the more heavy regulatory or statistical element which is probably what we are best known for) but working on products that actually hit the marketplace is quite interesting.

    Every blessing

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