What is Offered in the Gospel? (According to Durham)

What exactly is being offered in the gospel? 

In summary, Durham states that “Christ Jesus Himself, and His benefits” is what is offered.   That is, all the Son had done to redeem sinners is offered to us in the gospel, “This good and gracious bargain that is made between the Father and the Son, which is wholly mercy, is brought to the market and exposed to sale on exceedingly easy and condescending terms, and that to bankrupt sinners.”  To expand on this “peace and pardon, grace and glory, even all good things [are] offered to you freely!”  Or to phrase it differently, “Tell me, what is it that you would have?  Is it remission of sins?  ‘Tis here.  Would you have the covenant and promises?  Here they are: Is it Christ Himself that you would have, because you dare not trust a promise without a Cautioner?  Here He is.  Or would you have heaven and be eternally happy?  ‘Tis also here.”  

So Christ Jesus and all that he has done for the salvation of his people and the fruits of his death are offered to us in the gospel.  To quote John Murray, “it is Christ in all the glory of his person and in all the perfection of his finished work whom God offers in the gospel.”

This is a short extract from the talk I gave at the Scottish Reformation Society in Inverness.  I am hoping to get a slightly ammended version of the lecture published in the summer.  Watch this space.

PS Blogging may be slow over the month of December as we are moving to Cambridge shortly and internet access will be limited for the first few weeks.  Normal service will resume in the new year, DV.

2 Responses to “What is Offered in the Gospel? (According to Durham)”

  1. Puritanismtoday Says:

    Thank you; it is good to keep in mind that we have offered to us a person, and not just saving benefits. But it is even more important to avoid the error of many Fundamentalist preachers, from whom that which is on offer is merely a charm called ‘the blood’ or ‘a get out of hell free card’. How wonderful to hear Christ actually offered to sinners, to (as it were) see him set before men as a sufficient and suitable saviour. To hear men entreated to close with Christ on gospel terms, to take him as a prophet, a priest, and a king. To hear men told that Christ is theirs if they will but have him as he is offered; and if they will but take him, then his obedience unto death is theirs also – his life of perfect righteousness, as well as his atoning death.

    I know of few better than Durham on such a subject.


  2. Donald John MacLean Says:

    Dear G.M.

    Thanks for this comment. Yes, Durham is a real blessing to the soul on the gospel offer – as on so much else. It has been a joy spending these years studying him.

    Every blessing

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