A Fantastic Resource!

Posts are like buses – you wait ages then two come along at once 🙂  Anyway this is just to draw attention to a project I have known to be in the works for some time.  It is the digitisation and free download (yes I said free) of UK PhD theses (excluding Oxford and Cambridge sadly).  Just to whet you appetite and as an example you can now get access to a searchable version of Michael Horton’s PhD thesis “Thomas Goodwin and the Puritan Doctrine of Assurance” for free.  The link is:


You will need to register.  They have a 10 day timeframe for digitising and making available and requested PhD’s not currently available for download.

HT: http://diatheke.wordpress.com/

2 Responses to “A Fantastic Resource!”

  1. Steven Carr Says:

    What a great resource thanks for pointing me to this. It’s a real bummer, though, that they exclude Oxford and Cambridge. Most of the disertations I want to read are the ones from Cambridge and Oxford.

    BTW, good to have you back.

  2. Andrew Myers Says:

    Excellent! Thanks very much for this tip.

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