“The Great Salvation Tendered and Offered”

This is the title of a sermon by Andrew Gray (1633-56).  He died at the age of 22 and yet left behind him a legacy of sermons that still enriches the church today.  He was a popular preacher, even more so than James Durham as the following anecdote demonstrates:

Mr Durham not having a popular way of speaking to the common people he with some of his Elders would have seen the people running away from him to hear Mr Gray in the Gutter High Church.  The Elders seemed to be very displeased but Mr Durham said “Let them alone let them go where they think they profit most for it is probable if I were in their case I would do the same thing.”
Wodrow’s Analecta 3:109

A testimony no doubt to the humility of Durham – but also to the giftedness of Andrew Gray.  Anyway back to “The Great Salvation Tendered and Offered.”  Here is one extract from his sermon:

This everlasting Gospel which is preached unto you, is that glorious Star, which must lead us to that place where blessed Christ doth lie.  This Gospel and glad tidings of the great salvation, is come near unto you: And Christ is standing at the everlasting doors of your heart, desiring that ye would open unto him.  This is his one great request, which Heaven this day hath to present unto you, and it is, that ye would at last embrace this great salvation freely offered by him. [Emphasis added].

It is safe to say Gray understood what it is to preach the free offer of the gospel.  There is lots more of this in Gray. This is simply one example from him of the gospel preaching which won the hearts of so many in Glasgow and which Durham would have loved to have sat and heard.

I’m in the process at the moment of transcrbing Rutherford on Rev 3:20 from a previously unpublished manuscript.  Hopefully it will see the light of day soon.

2 Responses to ““The Great Salvation Tendered and Offered””

  1. Steven Carr Says:

    Great quote from Gray. I have a high regard for his sermons. I’m glad Dr. Beeke took the initiative to get his works in print. Died at 22, yet left a huge legacy of sermons! Thinking of that puts me to shame.

    Is that Rutherford manuscript a book of sermons or an exposition of Revelation?

  2. Donald John MacLean Says:

    Hi Steve

    Yes, it is humbling to see how some of these men “redeemed the time” in their short lives. Gray is good. If the free offer is unreformed how come he preached like that 😉

    The Rutherford sermon is from the manuscript collection “Papers of Robert Douglas (1594-1674)” at Edinburgh University. He understands Rev 3:20 correctly as the free offer of the gospel 🙂


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