A time to refrain from speaking…

As the blog has been silent for a while now (I’m not slacking e.g. work on Friday finished at 2:30am Saturday) here are some words from Westminster Divine Robert Baillie which fit in with that: 

When I took my leave of the [Westminster] Assembly I spoke a little to them.  The Prolocutor, in the name of the Assembly, gave me an honourable testimony, and many thanks for my labours.  I had been ever silent in all their debates; and however this silence sometimes weighted my mind, yet I found it the best and wisest course.  No man there is desired to speak: four parts of five do not speak at all; and among these are many most able men, and known by their writings and sermons to be much abler than sundry of the speakers; and of these few that use to speak, sundry are so tedious, and thrust themselves in with such misregard of others, that it were better for them to be silent.  Also there are some eight or nine so able, and ready at all times, that hardly a man can say any thing, but what others, without his labour, are sure to say as well or better. Finding, therefore, that silence was a matter of no reproach, and of great ease, and brought no hurt to the work, I was content to use it, as Mr. Henderson also did for the farrmost part of the last two years.
Letters and Journals of Robert Baillie

Now, as per Baillie, silence at times is acceptable.  In reference to critics of the free offer in the blogsphere I think the Baillie approach is best.  The historical evidence has been (and continues to be ) put out there in a positive and irenic manner.  The exegetical case has been put out as well.  If people are interested they can find out and weigh the case for themselves.  That is my hope.

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