Coming to a journal near you soon…

The blog will be back soon.  I’m almost done on a brief post on Durham’s view of the Mosaic economy and its relation to the covenant of grace.  Things are very busy at the moment as I’m frantically trying to finish writing things up on the thesis front.  It is going well but today has been frustratingly slow.  Simply too much material, way too much material.

Anyway take a peek at the contents of the 2009 Confessional Presbyterian Journal and you will see that the name of James Durham makes an appearence –  This is also the second year in a row that there is a substantial article on Rutherford which can only be a good thing!

4 Responses to “Coming to a journal near you soon…”

  1. Steven Carr Says:

    I read through Mark Jones’ excellent little plug for the ‘old reformed view’ of interpreting the SoS. I’m looking forward to reading your article. Also looking forward to your article in the PRJ.

  2. Donald John MacLean Says:

    Yes, it was a good post. Interestingly I cover many of the same works and make simliar points.

    Hopefully the free offer article will be helfpul and encourage the proclamation of the free offer of the gospel.

    Did I see on your blog that you have moved from Grand Rapids? Does that mean you are not starting at PRTS this year?

  3. Steven Carr Says:

    Yes, I did move back to my home state of Minnesota. There was not much for job opportunities, so I had to move back. Providing for my family has top priority you know. But I am attending PRTS thanks to modern technology, Moodle, and the ingenuity of Chris Engelsma, the director of distance education.

  4. Why Were the Puritans Wrong About the Song of Solomon? Says:

    […] view. In the up and coming volume of the Confessional Presbyterian Journal Donald MacLean of the James Durham Thesis has an article concerning the old Reformed view of SoS. It promises to be a good discussion of the […]

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