Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal

Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal, Volume 1, 2011A new journal published by the Scottish Reformation Society is now available and will be of interest to reformed Christians who have a love for the history of the Scottish Church.

Details are available here.  Highlights include:

Matthew Vogan, “Samuel Rutherford and the theology and practice of preaching”

John Keddie, “Professor James MacGregor: Theological and Practical Writings 1868-1881”

Roy Middleton, “David Hay Fleming (1849 – 1931), Scottish Church Historian and Antiquarian”

It is available for purchase here.




5 Responses to “Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal”

  1. neilrobbie Says:

    As a Scots-exile it’s great to see the rise of reformed theology again and the proliferation of new journals, that is two. The other one is more broadly “British Reformed Theology” see to which I subscribe. I hope they both find wide readership.

  2. neilrobbie Says:

    I’ve just ordered a copy of the Scottish Journal and look forward to receiving it.

  3. The growth of Reformed Theology in the UK | Transforming Grace Says:

    […] Scottish Reformation Society has just published its first volume of its Historical Journal and Ecclesia Reformanda is now entering its third year of publication.  I’ve subscribed to […]

  4. Donald John MacLean Says:

    Thanks. Hopefully you will enjoy the journal when it arrives.

  5. neilrobbie Says:

    It’s arrived!

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