Good Resources

Some worthwhile reads:

Calvin on the Lord’s Supper

Ralph Cunnington, Calvin’s Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper: A Blot upon His Labors as a Public Instructor?

A defense of Calvin’s doctrine of the Lord’s Supper.  Worth a thoughtful read, whether or not you agree with his conclusions.  This is a preview article from the Fall 2011 Westminster Theological Journal, which seems to be prospering under the editorship of Randall J. Pederson.

Mid America Journal of Theology

Some more editions of the Mid-America Journal are now online (2007-2009).  This is a good journal.  Some highlights:

D. Patrick Ramsey: Meet Me in the Middle: Herman Witsius and the English Dissenters

Richard A. Muller: Toward the Pactum Salutis: Locating the Origins of a Concept

Aaron C. Denlinger, translated and introduction: Robert Rollock’s Catechism on God’s Covenants

Post Reformation Digital Library

An excellent catalog of writings of great reformed theologians (and others!) that are freely available on the internet.  Want to know where you can read the Select works of Robert Rollock online, or The Works of John Knox (6 vols.) then this is your place:

Post-Reformation Digital Library

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