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Thomas Manton: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Pastor

December 1, 2011

Thomas Manton has long been a favourite of mine.  If you want to find out why see this interview I did on Manton some some ago – “Ten Reasons to Read Manton Today”. (That was back when I was going to present the work on James Durham and the Free Offer as an MPhil and go on to do a PhD on Manton.  Instead I upgraded the work on the free offer to doctoral level and expanded the scope.  Manton probably gets 6000 words or so in the thesis.)

Enough of that though … the purpose of this post it to say that it is a pleasure to see a new work published on Manton: Thomas Manton: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Pastor.  The book chronicles Manton’s life, studies in some depth aspects of his teaching on James (the subject of the author’s doctoral dissertation) and provides modernised versions of three of Manton’s sermons.

This is a well written book that will hopefully introduce people to Manton, and encourage them to take up his writings.

However, given the size of the book there are huge swathes of Manton’s thought that are not touched on (Manton’s position on “extreme unction” is covered but not his view of scripture or understanding of the atonement etc.) and a number of interesting historical points are not developed e.g. how did Manton’s appreciation for Richard Baxter influence his own later theology (if at all)?  The field is therefore ripe for more studies on Manton and for many more publications on him.  Of the marking of books, truly there is no end.