2012 – The Year in Retrospect

The plans for 2012 were outlined in this post. It is always sobering to look back and see how little of what is planned actually gets done! So here are the aims for 2012 with updates:

1) Finish the PhD … before the summer… without using up another family holiday :-)

Update: Not quite … but dissertation was submitted early October with viva scheduled for February 5th.

2) Deliver a lecture on “James Durham and the Free Offer of the Gospel” for the Scottish Reformation Society in Stornoway in February.

Update: Done. Audio from a very similar paper given in Inverness four years ago is available here. (Audio quality is not great.)

3) Present a paper on the Protestor/Resolutioner controversy at the Ecclesiastical History Society postgraduate colloquium in February.

Update: Done.

4) Work on said paper for publication in a journal: “Protests, Resolutions and the Piggy in the Middle: James Durham (1622-1685) and Schism in the Kirk”.

Update: Still a work in progress … hopefully next year, DV. The protestor/resolution controversy is full of lessons for the Reformed church of today … but untangling the history is very complicated.

5) Work on an article “Obadiah Sedgwick – A Study of his Soteriology and Federal Theology”.

Update: Nearly there … but that was also the case 9 months ago…

6) Possibly, time permitting, work on an article “Missing, Presumed Misclassified: Hugh Binning the ‘lost’ Federal Theologian”.

Update: This became a paper at the WEST research conference.  I will hopefully submit an article based on this for publication in early 2013.

7) Start another exciting (to me) project that I can’t say more about at the moment, but hopefully can shortly

Update: Time got the better of me due to finishing off the PhD so, alas, this never happened.


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