Johannes Wollebius – Statements on Scripture

In a context where the evangelical doctrine of Scripture is being “rethought” in various places it is good to be reminded of the historic teachings of the Reformed churches on Scripture.  Here are some extracts from the great Reformed theologian Johannes Wollebius (all from Beardslee’s Reformed Dogmatics):

  • We … acknowledge no other basis for theology than the written word of God.
  • That the Holy Scripture is of divine origin and authority is a doctrine held without question among all Christians
  • Therefore, it is improper for a Christian to question whether Scripture, the Holy Bible, is the word of God. Just as in the schools there is no debate against anyone who denies postulates, so we ought to regard it as improper for anyone to be heard who denies the basis of the Christian religion.
  • The witness [to the divine quality of Scripture] is twofold … The primary witness is that of the Holy Spirit, both externally, in the Scripture itselt, and internally, speaking in the heart and mind of a believing person … The subordinate witness is that of the church.

May God’s word be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path!

2 Responses to “Johannes Wollebius – Statements on Scripture”

  1. reformedcovenanter Says:

    You can get Johannes Wollebius’s book on-line from the link below:

  2. Donald John MacLean Says:

    Thanks for the link!


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