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Religious Life in Seventeenth Century Scotland

July 28, 2011

Religious Life in Seventeenth-Century Scotland

It is good to see that Cambridge University Press have reprinted G.D Henderson’s Religious Life in Seventeenth Century Scotland.   Whilst not everything in the book is reliable (Henderson is not cut from the same cloth as John MacLeod) it is fascinating and well worth reading.  Particularly interesting are the chapters “Scotland and the Synod of Dort” and “Foreign Religious Influences in Seventeenth-Century Scotland.”  Here is one quote relating to the English influence on Scotland:

“Even more interesting is the influence which England exerted upon Scottish religion through the Westminster Assembly.  Nothing was introduced into Scotland which was not in entire accordance with the mind of the Church – no revolution occurred.  But English Presbyterianism was not a Scottish product to begin with, and although the Scottish assessors contributed fully to the debates, the general effect was English – even Irish – rather than Scottish … The Catechisms which are now thought so peculiarly Scottish were suggested by an Englishman and the chief part of their evolution was taken by an Englishman.”