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Manton on why the Gospel is Offered to All

February 16, 2012

Thomas Manton considers why the gospel offer and exhortations come to all rather than just the elect.

He notes that it could be said that “This is only for the elects sake, who certainly ‘are the called according to purpose,’ Rom. viii. 28; whereas others are called obiter, ‘by the by,’ and as they live and are intermingled with them … they [the elect] are hidden amongst others, and therefore the reprobate have the like favour in external means with them. The world standeth for the elects sake, yet the sun doth not shine upon them alone…”  However, Manton goes on to say that  “This might be answer enough; but that which I rather say is, that these exhortations have their use; for they carry their own blessing with them … As for others that are not converted by them, it is for their conviction, and to bridle their fierceness, and a means to civilise them, and keep them from growing worse, whereby many temporal blessing do accrue to them…”

I think there is biblical wisdom in Manton’s approach.