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Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal

March 5, 2011

Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal, Volume 1, 2011A new journal published by the Scottish Reformation Society is now available and will be of interest to reformed Christians who have a love for the history of the Scottish Church.

Details are available here.  Highlights include:

Matthew Vogan, “Samuel Rutherford and the theology and practice of preaching”

John Keddie, “Professor James MacGregor: Theological and Practical Writings 1868-1881”

Roy Middleton, “David Hay Fleming (1849 – 1931), Scottish Church Historian and Antiquarian”

It is available for purchase here.




Reformed Theology vs Hyper-Calvinism

March 3, 2011

Michael Horton:

“Isn’t it a bit of false advertising to say on one hand that God has already determined who will be saved and on the other hand to insist that the good news of the Gospel be sincerely and indiscriminately proclaimed to everyone? …

Here once again we are faced with mystery — and the two guardrails that keep us from careening off the cliff in speculation. God loves the world and calls everyone in the world to Christ outwardly through the Gospel, and yet God loves the elect with a saving purpose and calls them by His Spirit inwardly through the same Gospel (John 6:63–64; 10:3–5, 11, 14–18, 25–30; Acts 13:48; Rom. 8:28–30; 2 Tim. 1:9). Both Arminians and hyper-Calvinists ignore crucial passages of Scripture, resolving the mystery in favor of the either-or: either election or the free offer of the Gospel.

More from this excelent article here:

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